I was always an artistic kid, your typical "rebel without a cause".  I always liked pushing my limits and sketching or painting whatever I felt through the crazy journey we call life.

In 2014, I pushed those limits way too far.  I was in a motorcycle accident leaving me comatose for 37 days and spent a several months hospitalized.  I woke up broken.  Suffering from a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is probably one of the worst consequences along with losing my best friend, devastating my family, and not even feeling human anymore.  

Somehow I remembered one thing after my accident: art.  My love for creation.  It became the deepest part of me and the one piece of me that felt normal.  The one piece of me that was able to connect with the world even though everything else was different.  In October 2016, I decided to share this piece of myself with the whole world.  Each canvas is a piece of me.  My recovery.  My journey.  My inner thoughts and feelings in this recovery process, and my chance to spread awareness that having a TBI doesn't completely change the parts of you that mean the most.  I hope you enjoy my art.  Remember to seize every day, for we never know how many we've got.